Freelancers Choice Awards

It’s time to recognize all your work and how you’ve impacted your peers through your
freelance business. The Freelance Conference and Decent Health have teamed up to
create a set of 
awards designed to honor you and all your hard work.


Represent One of 3 Categories

The judges and freelancer choice voting will be looking for entrants in these three categories:

Most Inspirational Freelancer

We are recognizing the freelance business owner that inspires those around them to dream, to take action and move towards success. We know there are thousands of them … we can only award one per year. Who do you know that deserves this recognition?

Most Aspirational Freelancer

We’re searching high and low for the freelancer that has more desire to achieve a high level of success in their freelance business than anyone else. You know, the person with a fierce passion for their craft and has the massive desire to achieve success.

Community Leader Award

Don’t forget our community leaders that are taking on the task of pulling local freelance business owners together to make us stronger. It’s a lot of work, we need their passion, compassion, and support … we want to recognize them too


Nominated by freelance peers.

Freelancers are nominated by those they work with, collaborate with, those they work for or someone they’ve inspired in the world. One industry is not more important than another in this space, we are looking to celebrate the freelance business owners that achieving their dreams and inspiring others.

Nominations are open April 15 – July 28, 2019



Voted on by freelance peers.

First round of voting is by your freelance peers and will count towards 60% of the deciding vote. The remaining deciding votes will come from a panel of judges from multiple states and freelance industries.

Public Voting will be open August 1 –  September 20, 2019




My name is Emily Leach, I’d like to share the importance of these awards. I call it a celebration, and it is, but it is SO MUCH MORE for me.

In 2014 I met one of the most amazing humans to walk this earth, his name was Aaron Bramley. I swear, it only took about five minutes in his presence to start feeling a passion for something welling up inside of you. He would draw it out of you and then, want to help you cultivate it. He embodied inspiration.

We began these crazy conversations about starting up a nonprofit association to help freelance business owners learn business skills, pull together in numbers to have the power to impact change and celebrate each other.

I was in the throes of creating the first Freelance Conference, which turns out was the catalyst for all of our conversations. That event conjured something up in both of us.

Aaron and I, with two other colleagues, created that nonprofit that launched February 27, 2015, with a party that surprised us all. We packed the room with freelance business owners. I stepped down about two years in and Aaron began fighting his second battle with cancer. He ultimately lost that battle on August 26, 2017. About two weeks prior to his passing we sat and chatted about all the ridiculous ideas we had for the freelance community. We laughed, it was a beautiful moment, I knew it would be our last.

That year we dedicated the Freelancers Choice Award to Aaron and vowed to give all future awards out in his spirit. His wife has graciously agreed to hand out the awards with their son Finn … we’ve renamed the entire awards platform to the Freelancers Choice Awards in the memory of Aaron Bramley.

Each year we will create a celebration for all that attend, a memorial for the man that is my inspiration, his family and the winners of each award.

Decent Health

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Decent will offer more affordable healthcare by aligning incentives to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care.

The Freelance Conference

Your Business Needs You.

As a freelance business owner, you may find yourself working through challenges and decisions with only one point of view – yours! Working in a vacuum will not grow your business, in order to build the foundation you need to achieve freedom or increase creativity you need your peers, And they need you!

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