Guidelines for Award Nominations

We’re looking for the Best

We’re searching high and low for the freelancers that are thinking independently. You know, the person with a fierce passion for their craft and puts their heart and soul into it.
We are recognizing the freelance business owner that inspires those around them to dream, to take action and move towards success. We know there are thousands of them … we can only award one per year. Who do you know that deserves this recognition?
Don’t forget our community leaders that are taking on the task of pulling local freelance business owners together to make us stronger. It’s a lot of work, we need their passion, compassion, and support … we want to recognize them too.
What are the eligibility requirements for nominations?

For the Most Inspirational and Most Aspirational awards, the nominated person must be a freelance business owner registered to operate in the United States.

For the Community Leader award, the nominated person must be leading a local community of freelance businesses in the United States.

Can I nominate myself?

Sure you can, we understand that not everyone will see this opportunity and get an extremely notable freelance business owner nominated … Go for it!

Can I nominate multiple people?

YES! We believe it is completely possible to have more than one amazing freelance business owner or community leader you believe deserves a chance at one of these awards.

What's in it for the winners?

First and foremost recognition for their achievement all year long.

We are reaching out to companies across the country to create an amazing bundle of products and services to be given to each winner.

When is the awards given out?

The awards are given out at The Freelance Conference during a ceremony dedicated to celebrating all freelance business owners and highlighting the accomplishments of the three award recipients.

The Ceremony for 2019 will be held in Austin, Tx on the evening of October 28th.

Do I have to be in attendance at the ceremony to win if I'm nominated?

No, as much as we would love to be able to hand you the award and celebrate in-person with you, we also understand that may not be possible.

We would, however, like to have you attend virtually if you are unable to be at the ceremony.

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